Services Dog Bath

Sabrina's Dog Grooming offers a quality service at competitive prices. We only use high quality shampoo and coat conditioners suitable for the show coat or pet coat. Dogs are thoroughly groomed out, properly bathed and dried, toe nails cut to the correct length, ears plucked and cleaned and coats scissor and/or clipped to the breed specification or in a suitable style that the owner likes.

On arrival for your appointment your dog is greeted and his/her general condition assessed. At this time we can discuss how best to groom, trim and tailor his/her coat according to their breed and lifestyle. Please tell us anything you may think is important to your dog's well being.


All dogs are bathed when they come to the parlour with a coat specific shampoo. This means whitening shampoos for white dogs, tea tree oil shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin, shampoo with conditioners for dry damaged hair or medicated shampoos for dogs with severe skin problems.

Ear Cleaning & Nail Trimming:

Nail trimming is very important for your pet from time to time to avoid ingrown nails.This is done routinely at your grooming appointment.

Dogs' ears will be checked also, and cleaned if necessary. Dogs such as poodles with hair growing in the ear canals can also have this hair removed. This can help prevent ear infections and make cleaning the ear more effective.


Dogs can be clipped into either a breed style or a style appropriate for their lifestyle. This is important if your dog spends most of his/her day out on country walks or swimming.